Our Shimna uniform is available from our suppliers: Bingham's in Newcastle; Eamon McAuley in Ballynahinch and Holmes in Kilkeel - they all have socially distancing measures in place to help you shop safely.

The Education Authority has a working group on transport to school, and once the working group reports, we will post information here about school buses and other ways to get to Shimna

You are Very Welcome to Shimna Integrated College


We hope this website will help you find out everything you need to know to feel confident that you are going to be happy and successful at Shimna. 

Normally we would have all the information ready about uniform, buses, canteen, health and safety, form teachers, class teachers, finding your way around, how to find help if you are stuck...but this year not all of that information is in place. Keep in touch with this website where we will post regular updates as more information becomes available.

Many of you will have visited Shimna already through P7 Day, P6Day or one of our sports events.  The next time we meet will be on your induction day, when you will have the school all to yourselves and you will have time to meet each other, meet our staff and find your way around the building before the other year groups arrive.

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