Integrated, Academically Excellent, All Ability, Student Centred, Parent Friendly


This is the kind of education planned by the local parents who founded Shimna in September 1994, on the first day of the first IRA ceasefire, which was followed soon after by the first Loyalist ceasefire.


Integration is central to everything we do, because we really do have different perspectives, different opinions and different experience of life.


When it comes to academic excellence, now in our 27th year, we have generations of Shimna OldScholars qualified and successful in medicine, dentistry, drama, accountancy, plumbing, fashion design, law, sport, teaching...and so much more.  We offer a full grammar school curriculum, and we believe in high aspirations for all our students.


Our award winning Student Council plays a full part in the school, representing every form class, meeting with the principal and with the board of governors.  


Every parent/guardian is a member of our Parent Council, and the excellent attendance rate of parents/guardians at consultation evenings shows the great support our students have at home. Our Parent Council runs brilliant fundraisers to raise money for our students, and they take part in consultations on policy issues.