Daily Stuff at Shimna


The day begins at Shimna with breakfast, served from 8.30.  Then the first bell rings at 9.00, and assembly or registration starts at 9.05am.  Lessons begin at 9.15am, and most lessons last for an hour.  Break is from 11.10-11.30am, and we have three lunch sittings from 12.30pm.  Lessons end at 3.25, and extra curricular activities begin!  

Equipment for School

‚ÄčA pencil case with two black pens; two pencils; a rubber; a sharpener; colouring pencils; pair of compasses; 12"/30cm ruler; calculator; protractor; set square; notebook or jotter;

lunchbox with a sturdy lid for the food you cook in Home Ec.; 

your PE kit on PE days, or days with sport after school;

your locker key, so you don't have to carry all your stuff around!

During COVID-19 in the coming year, it will be particularly important that you have all your own stuff with you every day. Remember that social distancing means we can't share!


Homework is going to have a whole new meaning in the coming year. It looks as if you will be in school one week, and distance learning at home the next. You will have a Shimna diary to help you keep track of the work you will be asked to do during the distance learning week. Some of the work can be done on computer, and you will be given all the passwords you need. Don't worry if you haven't got wifi or a computer. We will make sure you can also use a phone, the red button on the TV, and books, pens and paper. No one will be left behind.  


Learning and ICT

All year 8 students have a timetabled hour of ICT, and are encouraged to use ICT in every subject.  Access to a computer at home is great, particularly for the distance learning week, but we will make sure you don't lose out if you haven't got one, or if wifi is really bad where you live.

Consultation Evenings

It may be that parents/guardians won't be able to come into school until the COVID-19 situation changes. However, we will make many opportunities to keep in close touch with parents/guardians and ensure that you know how to contact us as all times.