What Will I Study at Shimna?


You will want to know the subjects you will be studying in year 8 when you come at first.  You will also want to know the subjects you can choose at a later stage when you are older.  You will also want to know the kinds of careers our Shimna OldScholars have gone on to.  

When you arrive in year 8, you will study: 


  • English and English literature

  • mathematics

  • science

  • ICT

  • history

  • geography

  • art

  • music

  • drama

  • physical education

  • integrated and religious studies

  • technology

  • French and/or

  • German and/or

  • Spanish and/or

  • Irish

  • Home economics from year 9



You will also have classes in Learning for Life and Work, which include:


  • employability

  • citizenship

  • personal development


You will also have a pastoral care period with your form teacher, when you can talk through how you are getting on and sort out any problems.












Created for our new year 8s.  Don't hesitate to get in touch if there is anything more you need to know..

When you come to year 10, you will be able to choose from the subjects above, and from the following subjects:


  • physics

  • chemistry

  • biology

  • further maths

  • moving image arts

  • business studies

  • teamwork and employability

  • horticulture

  • digital technology programming

  • digital technology multimedia

  • business enterprise with  languages




When you come to sixth form, you will be able to choose from the subjects above, and from the following subjects:


  • politics

  • sports studies

  • performance art

  • philosophy and ethics

  • software systems development

  • public services



You can also take:


  • Listening Ear training

  • first aid training

  • interview skills

  • study skills

  • sports leader award

  • Living Law programme

  • safeguarding training

  • Mock Bar Trial competition





As well as your school subjects, there are lots of extra-curricular activities to choose from.  Check out our programme  for the activities on offer this year.


  • rugby

  • gaelic

  • netball

  • basketball

  • football

  • hockey

  • cricket

  • track and field

  • cross country

  • orienteering

  • hill walking

  • Duke of Ed/President's Award


In the music department, bands practise after school, including our ukulele orchestra. Our choir practises for special occasions, our carol concert and Presentation Evening.  


There are music lessons in:


  • piano

  • keyboards

  • drums

  • guitar

  • singing

  • brass

  • woodwind

  • strings

  • ukelele


Our traditional musicians put on the occasional breaktime session.

Students throughout the school take part in our annual musical