Our Most Recent Department of Education Inspection was in September 2014


We are delighted with the outcome of our inspection, which vindicated our Integrated, academically excellent, all-ability, child centred and parent friendly vision of education.

The judgment from our inspection which we are most proud of is the description of our students as "exemplary".  We agree!


Please see below remarks from our inspection report:


“The highly motivated students respond positively to the high expectations of all the teachers.”


“The pupils are open minded; they participate actively in addressing issues of social injustice and, by so doing, develop as caring, socially responsible and mature individuals.”


“The percentage of pupils attaining five or more GCSE examinations at grades A*-C, including English and mathematics, is above the NI average.”


“The pupils who require additional support with aspects of their learning interact confidently with their peers and attain very well at GCSE and GCE A level.”


“The proportion of pupils progressing to higher education is well above the NI average.”




“Characteristics of effective practice include: the teachers’ knowledge of and enthusiasm for their subject; their high expectations for the pupils; well-paced teaching, with skilful questioning eliciting thoughtful responses from the pupils which develop their problem solving and thinking skills.”


“A caring and supportive ethos throughout the school is evident in a strong focus on the health and well-being of the pupils and staff, the excellent working relationships, and the promotion of inclusion and equality.  The pupils make a valuable contribution to the pastoral provision through, for example, participation in a well-conceived mentoring programme and the school council.  The taught pastoral programme, which includes induction and transition programmes, is coherent and responsive to the needs and interests of the pupils.”


“The pupils enjoy the wider learning experience provided.  It is evident that they are aware what to do if they have any worries about their safety and well-being.”




“A key strength of the high-quality careers education, information, advice and guidance is the access all the pupils have to independent, impartial advice and guidance specifically targeted at the key transition years 10, 12 and 14.  The pupils make appropriate choices which are informed by a well-planned programme including guest speakers and careers visits.  Local and national business links reinforce the effective use of work experience at years 12 and 13.  By year 14 a majority of pupils have a very good understanding of the world of work, and the education an employment opportunities that are available to them.”


“The senior leaders continue to uphold the founding principles of the school and foster well a culture of care and support for all of the school community.  They have high expectations of what the staff and pupils can achieve.”