My name is Doroteja. Originally I come from Lithuania, and I moved to Northern Ireland when I was 3 and a half.  I came to Shimna from Brackenagh West primary school in Kilkeel. Me and my twin and two others were the only ones. We didn’t know anyone else. My twin and I decided to be brave and ask to be in different classes, so we were very glad that on the first day, only the year 8s were at school, and we had the whole building to ourselves to get to know our way around and get to know each other.  In the morning we spent time with our form class and our new form teacher, getting our Shimna diaries and timetables and taking a tour of the school. In the afternoon, the whole of year 8 joined together for games and treasure hunts which was a lovely, happy way to end our first day. Staff were there at the end of the day to make sure we got on the right bus.


My favourite subject is art. Of course I did art at primary school, but I really like having art in a proper art room with all the paints and materials ready. I have really enjoyed my first go at pottery and am looking forward to trying all the different techniques I can see in the work of the older students on display. For my languages I chose German and Spanish. I love studying German which is very like Lithuanian and is easier for me. Spanish is harder for me, but I am really enjoying learning my fifth language. I speak a bit of Russian as well.


In primary school, we played plenty of dodgeball and benchball, but in Shimna I have been able to take up netball, badminton and gaelic, and will be playing hockey later in the year. I am member of the Hope group, where we meet each week to spend time together, getting to know each other better and talking about how we are getting on in school. Time together in the Hope group allows us to support each other with any problem we might have at home or at school.


I am really proud of how I have settled into Shimna, and I know that I and my friends will make sure the new year 8s next year have a really good experience, make friends, enjoy their subjects and do really really well.  Thank you.

Doroteja's Speech