Liam's Speech

My name is Liam and I am now in year 9. I came here from St Mary’s Primary School in Newcastle, along with lots of classmates. But of course, as soon as I got here, I met lots of people from all sorts of primary schools, and now I have a real mixture of friends. I am now well settled in and enjoying all the new subjects. My favourite subjects are Spanish, geography and English. One of the best things has been all the extra things I have been able to get involved in. Last year, I joined the EcoWarriors. We formed a crew of litter pickers and joined a scheme called Adopt a Spot, picking litter in the laneway close to the school. Soon enough we got involved with planting vegetables and it was good fun in the hot weather last June to be doing the watering. We watered ourselves as well. I am very glad to see that this year’s year 8s have formed a Roots and Shoots club and are carrying on our good work. Just last week, they joined a group of parents and pupils from All Children’s on a litter pick in the forest beside our school. 


This year I auditioned for our show, “Beauty and the Beast”. I got the part of Chip, whom you may remember from the original show. In our version, Chip turned into Jacques, and turned even more French. With a string of onions round my neck and a beret on my head, I entertained the crowed with my cringy French jokes. I had great fun, and so did my audience. The show was a fantastic opportunity to work with actors, dancers, singers, musicians right across the school from 6thform to year 8. For example my mother, Mrs Potts, was played by Sophia, who is a GCSE drama student in year 11. Gaston and Beauty herself were played by A level performing arts students, Fionbarr and Muirinn. I know I will be auditioning for every Shimna show in the future.  One of the other stars of the show was my friend Ríagan. He is a very talented singer and dancer. However, he is also sports mad, and plays gaelic, football, basketball and rugby.  


There is are loads of extra activities here, and you will definitely be able to follow up your passions and also find plenty of new stuff to try. You will be very, very welcome.