What have the students got to say?


We look forward to meeting you at our Open Day on 14th January.  You are also very welcome to come and visit at another time.  Just ring and make an appointment so we can be sure someone will be free to talk to you and show you round.

We asked our year 8 students what they would like to say about their experience at Shimna, and here are the messages they have sent you:

'I think Shimna is a great school because of the clean classrooms and super artwork in the corridors. It serves hotdogs on Monday and Friday, chips on Tuesday and Thursday and burgers on Wednesday. Yum.' Aidan


'Shimna is great because its teachers are nice to us.'  Sam


'I think a P7 should go to Shimna because it's fun and the teachers are nice.  There are good sports in Shimna like football, rugby and loads more.' Michael


'I came to Shimna because my friends went, and my brother.  My favoufite subject is PE and our teacher is the best.'  Sean 


'The teachers are kind and funny, the classwork and homework is good and the work is not boring.' Drew 


'Shimna is good because it's integrated and integrated education is the best education; Shimna is good because when you first go in, everybody is so welcoming and lovely;   Shimna is good because all teh teachers are really helpful with all aspects of work; Shimna is good because when youtell the teachers something, it's sorted out straight away.  It's a non-bullying school.'  Brooke 


Shimna is a great school. It has loads of activities and things to do after school.  There is a big sports field, the dinners are lovely and the students are nice.  Ryan


'I think you should come to Shimna because of its numerous sports and the teachers are really kind.  There are lots more subjects in Shimna than in primary school.  You do a ot more science, art and you get to do home economics.'  Pierce.

You don't have to do the transfer test to get in.  Everyone is allowed in.  The teachers are nice in every subject. There are a lot of different languages to do.  The classes are very good and exciting.'  Rachel


'Kind people, nice lunches, nice principal, no detention.'  Ethan


'It is integrated so it does not matter what religion you are.  You don't have to do the AQE test to get in.  I love Shimna because the teachers are nice and the students are friendly.  I thought I was not going to make friends but I made them quickly.  I have been doing well in my new subjects.'  Jonny


'You should come to Shimna because there are fun sports for girls and boys, like netball, cross country, football, rugby and basketball.  There are also fun subjects like history, science, maths and learning for life and work.  Shimna is a very fun school.  I am looking forward to seeing you when you visit.'  Lee


'I think you should come to Shimna because it is a great school and I am really enjoying it; the teachers are all really nice and the PE is great.  I am loving all the new subjects, especially science.  The school is not that big, so you can't get lost in it.  There aren't really that many students, so there isn't a stampede to lunch and break.  The food is really, really nice.  The food in home economics is really nice and it is great fun cooking.  These are my reasons for picking Shimna so why don't you?'  Luka

'Shimna is an all-ability school for all religions.  It has great after school clubs, helpful teachers and, if there is something wrong, there is always someone to talk to.'  Molly 


Mr Lambe, the principal, is kind.' Declan


'Shimna is a great school because: the teachers are great and very helpful; you can do your A levels; there are a tonne of sports; you can pick two languages; if you are getting bullied the Shimna teachers will sort it out in a flash; there are loads of people who work in Shimna who will help you with your worries; it is very easy to make friends; it is a school that when you are coming up to it, you will have a smile on your face; ou will enjoy every minute of it.'  Amy


'All ability school, all religions, fun, sporty, cool uniforms.'  Zaneta.


'At first I was scared at Shimna because that would mean separated from some of my great friends,  But time went on and I have found some new friends and I still get to see all of my other friends.  I know you may be scared, going into a new school, but once you get settled in, it's great craic.'  Kate


'No one judges you by size, height or looks.  No one judges you by what religion you are.  It's a school that helps you with things you have difficulties with.  It's a friendly school, not a selective school.  Natalie