What have the students got to say?


Normally, we would be inviting you to our Open Day in January, and encouraging you to call in if you can't make the date. But of course this year, we can't. Instead, we will be releasing our digital Open Day on video, and we will keep adding lots of information to this website to keep you informed about how to apply and what you can look forward to next year. To help you get more of a flavour of our school, we asked our current year 8s what they would like to say about their experience at Shimna. Here are the messages they have send you:


“It doesn’t matter if you get answers wrong.  You will learn from your mistakes.” Tommy, 8C


“Friends make Shimna brilliant.  I have enjoyed learning new things.  The teachers are great.  We are a community.  My favourite thing to learn is Science.”  Rory, 8C


“Shimna is amazing.  The teachers are nice and the food is amazing – especially the pizza.  It is the best.  The paninis are second best.  Break and lunchtimes are so fun.”  Katelyn, 8C


“The teachers and the integrating makes Shimna brilliant.”  Ben, 8C


“I think Shimna is fun because of the people in the school.  They are kind, helpful, funny and friendly.  I have enjoyed PE and Science.  What surprised me about Shimna was the noise of the seagulls.  Learning from each other is what makes us a great community.”  Bella-Rose, 8C


“Shimna was my first choice when it came to picking what school I wanted to go to.  I had many options but I picked Shimna because everyone is welcome and you can be yourself, like if you dye your hair whatever colour.  You can be a different religion than everyone else and you would still be welcome.” Chloe, 8C


“Great teachers, great students, great environment, great food.”  Harrison, 8C


“Shimna is a great school because it has the kindest and best teachers and teaching assistants.  There is a lot more moving around than what I expected and it is a bigger school than my primary school.  Integration is what makes Shimna the best community.”  Kieran, 8C


“Shimna as a school is fabulous, but as a community I think it is outstanding.  The bonds I’ve formed between my peers have grown so much.  Even the teachers in the school support all learning speeds and struggles in all subjects.  What surprised me was how understanding and respectful every single person is towards one another.  I think Shimna is a wonderful place for all different backgrounds and religions.”  Emily, 8C


“There are multiple things that make Shimna brilliant, but to name a few, it’s got great teachers, it has loads of different sports and the languages are fantastic.  I was surprised at how I am at German!  I would describe the teachers as really great and patient.”  Daniel, 8C


“The teachers are really nice and kind to you.  I love PE – it is amazing.  Art is fun to draw and paint.  We work together and I have made amazing friends.  They are funny, great, kind, lovely and caring.”  Kari, 8C


“Shimna is fantastic.  The teachers are so loving and kind.  It surprised me how supportive they are.  Shimna is a community because we welcome all people.  The classroom assistants are also kind and friendly.”  Nicole, 8C


“The teachers are really understanding and kind.  I love to do Kahoot.”  Sarah, 8C


“Shimna is the best school I’ve been to so far.  The teachers are really nice.  I’ve learned so much in the last three months.  I love it here and I never want to leave.  Shimna is a big family – you shouldn’t have to change because of the school you go to.”  Enya, 8D


“Shimna is amazing because the teachers are really kind, and they support you when you need it.  I have enjoyed making new friends here.  I was surprised at how kind the teachers are.  I like the teachers a lot.  I always try to make friends with them.  What makes us special is that we don’t like bullies and we look out for each other. I love learning RS, Geography and Maths.”  Matthew, 8D


“Shimna is a great school.  All the staff are so nice and can help with anything.  If you need to talk to someone, you can go to any member of staff.  I’ve been in the school for three months, and I’m surprised at how nice the teachers are.  There are so many subjects like Science, Art and PE.  I love the canteen food.”  Connie, 8D


“Shimna is great and is so so much fun.  All the subjects are great, and I’m surprised that the homework is very doable.  All the teachers are really nice, and the students are really nice too.  My favourite subject is PE.  All the subjects we have learned are great.”  Kiah, 8D


“I like Shimna because the dinners are nice, the teachers are nice and they help you when you’re upset, and some classes are good.”  Kyle, 8D


“Shimna is brilliant because of the nice teachers, and I enjoy RS, French, Spanish and PE.”  Liam, 8D


“My favourite thing about Shimna is the teachers,  They are kind and will help you with anything.  My favourite subjects are Spanish, Science, RS and PE.”  Faith, 8D


“The things that make Shimna brilliant are the friends you make and the teachers you meet.  I’ve enjoyed playing with fire in science or chatting with my friends at break.  The things that surprised me the most was seeing the amount of people who are just like me.  The teachers are all kind and if you have any problems or don’t understand something, they will help you.  The thing that makes us a community is the way everyone is open with each other, and you are accepted for who you are.  My favourite thing to learn is probably the class novel I have in English.”  Chloe, 8D


“Shimna is such a good school so far.  The teachers are really nice to you and you can make great friends easily.  There is good food in the canteen and there’s healthy choices too.”  Sian, 8D


“Shimna is one brilliant school.  The teachers and the pupils are so nice.  There’s sports, a break, and even though we’re in a world pandemic thanks to Shimna it’s been the best year.”  Kelly-Anne, 8D


“I first started Shimna three months ago and thought I wouldn’t make any friends, but I made friends on my first day!  Shimna is an amazing school and all the teachers and staff are very welcoming and give us lots of opportunities.  My favourite thing in Shimna is learning and my friends.”  Darcey, 8D


“Shimna is brilliant because of all the banter you have with your mates and all the muck one person has on their bottom at the end of break.”  Johnny, 8D


“Shimna is amazing and awesome.  I am so glad I chose this school to go to.  I love coming in in the morning to see all my new friends and at break and lunch to hang out and have fun.”  Leon, 8M


“Shimna helps people, sees how everyone is different and that's a brilliant thing.  It makes everyone feel secure and happy.  The staff, teachers and even students are understanding and will always help you no matter what!”  Chloe, 8M


“I think Shimna is amazing!  I always feel welcome and everyone is always so lovely.  The staff are all so nice.  There is always someone to ask for help.  We can all learn at our own speeds. We can always be ourselves and learn from each other.” ?, 8M


“Accepted.  That’s what I feel like in Shimna.  Everyone accepts who I am and my dreams.  They don’t care about my religion or where me or my family is from.  I was really surprised by the teachers too.  They don’t ignore if you are struggling – they always seem to help you.  The fact that we are integrated is the best, as it brings us together as a community.”  ? 8M


“I love all the teachers and all the class.”  Rowan, 8M


“When I came to Shimna for my P7 day, the school felt like family.  I felt safe and secure.  People laughing and all the artwork around the school made it seem like a home, like a home with pictures and paintings all down the hall.”  ? 8M


“I think Shimna is wonderful.  You get treated the way you should.”  Heidi, 8M


“Shimna means a lot to me.  The building is brilliant.  The classrooms are class.  The teachers are terrific.  The food is fabulous.  The Kahoots are klass with a ‘k’.  We all learn from each other.”  Ruairi, 8M


“I have enjoyed learning about my friends' lives and I find all the staff respectful.  My friends always make my happy.  The teachers have a smile on their faces – it looks like they have just stared at the numbers on their lottery ticket and just won 54 million pound.”  Calvin, 8M


“I feel at home in Shimna.”  Charlie, 8M